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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Restoran Rebung - KUALA LUMPUR

Restoran Rebung
4-2 & 6 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park,
59000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: +603 2283 2119/ +603 2283 4775 (Fax)

Where do I start? What do I suppose to write here? Honestly, I really don’t know how I want to put all this together. Yeah, you know what I mean. It’s about food! I’m crazy about it! It’s my obsession! And yes, when I was on a field trip to Kuala Lumpur, I found restaurant that have my attention- Restoran Rebung, a very owned by celebrity chef, Chef Ismail and our national first astronaut, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.

"Kampung" look-a-like of Rebung restaurant

I will never forget the first moment as I step into the restaurant, I could smell the aroma of Malay cuisine that set in the buffet line. Ok, let put a side about the food first. The atmosphere itself is more than enough to bring childhood memories as the restaurant concept is more likely a village. Moreover, what makes this restaurant captured my attention is the concept of live stall also allows foreign visitors to try out their traditional cooking methods such as nets and popia basah.

 Foods served at Rebung restaurant

For those who seek for Malaysian’s unique of taste, I would suggest that Restoran Rebung is the best place to dine in. Reviews for the food, Restoran Rebung mainly serve a tradition of Malay cuisines and mostly serving famous dishes from village of Negeri Sembilan like gulai lemak daging salai, ikan patin masak tempoyak, rebung perut and masak lemak cili padi and more than 50 other savory dishes.

Mouthwatering of air batu campur

I’m not done yet. If you think that this restaurant only serve appetizers and main courses, then, you are wrong. They also serve variety of typical Malay desserts too! Trust me; the desserts are ‘mouthwatering’. It’s like I want to eat them forever! They have pengat durian, pengat pisang, cendol, onde-onde, lempeng kelapa, keria, pulut panggang, ABC and many more!

Ikan patin masak tempoyak

So, I’m not going to talk about all the food here but I will talk on a dish which I think the best among them. Here we go; the winner is IKAN PATIN MASAK TEMPOYAK! This is the dish that wins my heart. You can taste the tenderness of the fish, the aroma of it gravy, the spices that use in the dish, everything is well combined. Congratulations to Chef Ismail for the dish.

Overall of the reviews, I would give my rate 4 over 5 stars and I would say that you are so unlucky if you haven’t tried dining here. My writing ends here.

-          Hafidz Iskandar, 20 May 2014